wacom dtu 1031The Wacom DTU-1031 is the first 26 cm (10.1”) signature display for stationary use, combining a large screen and state-of-the-art encryption. The signature display enables users to add handwritten input directly onto the monitor using a digital pen.

The DTU-1031 is the ideal solution for corporate or institutional customers who require a display with a minimal footprint that allows users to view or fill our full-size documents and sign them digitally. Therefore, customers can clearly see the contents of a document and sign with confidence, for example when signing a telecoms contract or a contract at a bank counter.

Within the display an RSA/AES encryption system is included to ensure that transactions are performed safely and securely. The Wacom DTU-1031 combines its colour LCD screen with Wacom’s patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology that enhances the natural writing sensation and delivers a pressure profile during the writing and signing process.

The Wacom DTU-1031 operates as a regular LCD signature display so it can be easily integrated into standard IT infrastructures. The display is characterized by a high quality ultra slim design with a flat surface – mountable into kiosk or POS systems. It can also be used as an external monitor and can display slideshows and videos for advertising or other purposes. Its thin design is perfect for comfortable use on counters and tables. The security lock prevents loss and theft.

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Seat PG Italia is a full-service business partner which offers businesses 360-degree support for promoting their activity on the Web, through a nationwide network of over 100 agencies (Seat Media Agency) and 1,200 agents in Italy. Seat PG Italia’s Web marketing services range from website and mobile site construction and management to the creation of multimedia content, from activities regarding Web visibility to e-commerce and Web marketing services, from managing social network presence to couponing. These tools sit alongside “traditional” print and voice tools.

Seat PG Italia also offers consumers an ecosystem consisting of multimedia, mobile and print tools which make it easy to find businesses, institutions, people and services even when on the move.

Seat PG Italia’s figures (2012 data): about 2 billion searches on its media, a sales network employing about 1,100 agents, a customer base of about 400,000 SMEs, a database listing 12.5 million households and over 3 million businesses; a total of 44 million volumes (PagineGialle, PagineBianche, TuttoCittà), over 14 million calls (to the directory assistance services 892424 PPG and 12.40 PPB) and about 460 million hits from the Web and mobiles, and on advertisers’ online and mobile sites (www.paginegialle.it , www.paginebianche.it , www.tuttocitta.it ).

PALO ALTO, CA — March 26, 2014 —Aragon Research, a technology-focused research and advisory firm committed to providing thought-leading strategic research and trusted advisory services, released its Digital Transaction Management: The New Way Ahead for Digital Business report today. Aragon predicts ‘DTM’ to be one of the fastest-adopted business transformations in history surpassing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with 70% of large companies implementing DTM as a business imperative by the end of 2016. DTM is expected to grow faster than nearly every business category (except tablets), with category revenues estimated to grow from USD $500-700 million in 2014 to $30 billion by 2020.

“Digital Transaction Management is so powerful for driving business benefits that this isn’t a matter of whether enterprises will embrace it, but when,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research. “The most innovative and progressive organizations have already implemented DTM and are now expanding use cases beyond their initial deployments. We predict DTM will be a strategic imperative for the vast majority of organizations large and small by 2016.”

As an emerging category, Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is defined as a business application using cloud-based software and services to automate and streamline internal and external document-centric business processes. While DTM is most closely associated with eSignature today, it also encompasses many other transaction processes.

Aragon defines DTM seamlessly and securely combining nine major digital elements:

  1. Automation/Workflow. Automates and controls transaction processes. This includes workflow that can be configured by a business user.
  2. Assembly. Manages the creation, assembly and delivery of data and documents into and out of key applications and processes.
  3. E-Signatures. Enables parties to securely sign a document.
  4. Agreement Collection and Management. Supports collection of digital agreements.
  5. Identity. Provides identity proofing for all participants.
  6. Application and Services Integration. Integrates key applications and cloud based document sources.
  7. Secure Transaction. Provides a centralized secure transaction center.
  8. Audit History. Full, tamper-proof audit trail of transaction that meets evidentiary standards and is admissible in court proceedings.
  9. Enterprise Administration & Control. Enables enterprise provisioning, permissioning, management, and reporting.

Digital Transaction Management: The New Way Ahead for Digital Business identifies a series of trends driving widespread DTM adoption, including the growing focus on customer experience as a competitive differentiator. DTM delivers significant ROI via both hard and soft dollar savings.

“Few technologies have the ability to transform every aspect of how a firm achieves measurable success,” furthered Lundy. “Based on our estimated cost savings of $5 to $100 per document, return on investment from DTM will reach tens of millions of dollars annually for the largest organizations, depending on the company’s current processes and use cases addressed.”

Individuals interested in reading the full Aragon Research report on Digital Transaction Management may visit the special report on Digital Transaction Management.


About Aragon Research

Aragon Research is the newest technology research and advisory firm. Aragon delivers high impact research and advisory services to provide enterprises the insight they need to help them make better technology and strategy decisions. Aragon Research serves business and IT leaders and has a proven team of veteran analysts. For more information, visit http://www.aragonresearch.com

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