True digital signatures

  • SIGNificant is based on the open ISO PDF standards and true digital signatures, with no proprietary e-signature technology. All signatures and their cryptographic information are embedded into the signed PDF. You don’t need to be a xyzmo customer or return to our website, just to check the validity of documents.
  • Every time a signature is captured, a digital signature is also applied, which turns the document into a sealed PDF, making undetectable changes of the document content impossible. As a result, documents are tamper-evident not just at the end of the signing process, but from the moment the transaction is started.
  • By using true digital signatures we record a history of what each document looked like at the time it was signed. The history is embedded into the document. You can take a look at the embedded signature history within compliant PDF viewers, even if you’re not connected to the internet. In this way, you can see exactly how the document looked when each signer signed it.
  • Biometric signatures can be exported according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007 standard for biometric signature exchange, providing full vendor independence of the signed documents.
  • Starting with a cloud service is much easier than getting out. With our private cloud approach you can decide at any time to move the applications back to your data center.

Gartner predicts that a lack of digital business competence will cause 25% of businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017.
Digital transformation
‘Digital business is not synonymous with IT. It is about revenue, value, markets and customers. It is outward-focused. It is a metaphorical combination of front office, top line and downstage compared with back office, bottom line and backstage. True, information and technology help to build the capabilities for digital businesses, but they are only part of a complex picture.’

In a digital business, digital technology, for the first time, moves into the forefront, into the heart of what the business is doing and how it generates revenue, seizes competitive advantage and produces value. Digital business represents a more extreme revolution than previous technology-driven changes, and CIOs, with their insight into technology and information, are positioned to develop and promote a successful digital business.’

Gartner has identified six crucial steps that will enable CIOs and other business leaders to build a successful digital organisation and change the game.

  1. Create the Right Mindset and Shared Understanding
  2. Put the Right Leaders in Place
  3. Launch a Digital Business Centre of Excellence
  4. Formulate a Digital Strategy to Respond to Opportunities and Threats
  5. Find, Develop and Acquire Digital Business Skills and Roles
  6. Create New Digital Business Capabilities

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MuchMoreGovern all activities

Define all steps in the signing process, including the ability to position signature fields, and define the necessary attachments and group form fields into areas, which makes it easier to guide the signer through the document in the right order. Specify compulsory or optional tasks, and define policies to enable or forbid certain actions on or with the document, such as making annotations or saving, e-mailing, and printing documents.

Add annotations and attachments

Enter text or add attachments such as photos from the built-in camera of your device to the document.

Fill out and sign PDF forms

Fill in your form fields directly from within the SIGNificant application and allow automated form data extraction of signed documents. Form data to be edited can also be prefilled from external apps.

Offline processing for mobile use cases

Mobile use cases often involve situations where online connectivity simply is not possible. This is why SIGNificant allows you to work with your documents and form templates fully offline, enabling you to complete the data capture and signing process with customers without any server connectivity. You can even manage multiple documents and form templates offline. Necessary server synchronization automatically occurs in the background when internet connectivity is available.

Advertising on signature pads and screens

Use the full potential of signature pads and pen displays to improve your customer communication and run tailored advertisments while those devices are not in use.

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