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Features On the Fly Signing and Document Design – the user can choose to sign a document instantly or define signers and signature fields according to his needs. This capability is extremely useful for last minute Template Recognition – the SIGNificant Offline Client recognizes existing signature field indications on predefined templates automatically and assigns signers […] has featured xyzmo SIGNificant’s digital signature solutions for telcom POS on its website this month.  Read the full article on the homepage of the online publication.  The printed version will be available within the next version of Green Sheet mag!

Life insurance applications, traditionally signed on paper, can now be signed electronically using an inexpensive signature pad connected to an agent’s laptop in the field or on a tablet PC directly. xyzmo SIGNificant’s electronic signature and digital sealing solutions allow signed applications to be immediately processed and prevent manipulation of documents as well as enable […]