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2008 Case Law Review (US)

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

2008 Case Law Review from Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP’s Courts across the country (federal and state) continue to address the effectiveness of delivering documents exclusively through electronic means as well as the enforceability of electronic signatures in a variety of settings. The courts have addressed the enforceability of electronic signatures applied by insurance […]

Do you still print service agreements …

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Link: The customer is the core of all business transactions, especially within the Telecom Market. Having a competitive advantage is key for getting more business. xyzmo‘s solution for Telecom POS/Retail solves the problem of signing electronic documents securely while simultaneously reducing the costs and labor associated with paper-based processes and improving the time required for activation at […]

Gartner Analyst Kimberly Harris-Ferrante published a new Case-Study about P&C Insurer. The Highlights are: Insurers can deploy e-signatures to better support their e-commerce projects, reduce mailing costs and improve the authentication of online shoppers at their Web sites. Key Findings E-signatures are an important element of the e-commerce strategy. Insurers will need to deploy e-signatures to streamline […]