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Gartner Analysts Steven Leigh and Juergen Weiss launched a new Industry Report about Bancassurance: Bancassurance is an important distribution channel for life insurers and pension providers in many markets, and can account for more than 70% of the entire insurance premium volume in some markets. Life insurers looking to leverage bancassurance initiatives need to understand the technology […]

Digital & electronic signatures solutions enhance business processes, through the making and saving of more money. The downturn in the economy has businesses of all sizes thinking how they could enhance their efficiency and cut costs, without damaging their business results in today’s business environment. We, at xyzmo SIGNificant believe that in these tough times […]

A recent Gartner study found f.e: A membership card with a bar code or magnetic stripe was preferred by 75% of study participants (customers). A preregistered fingerprint was preferred by only 2%. Therefore Gartner recommends reatilers should assume that consumers prefer membership cards as a way of identifying themselves to them at the point of […]