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Many companies today automate their business processes and document workflow procedures, leaving the approval stage as the only element which requires the use of paper in order to capture a handwritten signature. The SIGNificant Suite, including the Biometric Server, helps introduce your company to the era of electronic signing. The SIGNificant Server Web Signing Interface and SIGNificant Client record the […]

Saving Trees and Emissions, One Digital Signature at a Time Thanks to the SIGNificant Server it is very easy and convenient to enhance any existing infrastructure with all the necessary functionalities for a total paperless process. Beyond the possibility of capturing a handwritten signature also smart-cards, tokens and software certificates are supported. In addition to […]

Electronic signature solution drive productivity and effectiveness by reducing operational & back office overhead, as when business processes become paper-free, the need to perform paper-related tasks such as printing, scanning, faxing and shredding is eliminated. In addition, all documents are available to the back office systems for real-time decision making and immediate electronic archiving, eliminating […]