Improved Detection Rates with xyzmo’s New Generation of Biometric Signature Comparison

June 3rd, 2010

xyzmo’s top-notch version of the SIGNificant Biometric Server features a new generation of signature comparison capabilities, enabling the performance of a real-time biometric verification of a person’s signature to the SIGNificant platform by comparing the recorded parameters of his handwritten signatures against his pre-enrolled profile.

A captured handwritten signature looks identical to a person’s original wet ink signature. But if you use xyzmo’s technology it is much more than just an electronic image. We record the handwritten signature of a person by parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed and rhythm.

The Biometric Server automatically detects variations between signatures to build the personal profile as secure as possible, since some users sign in a very consistent way, whereas others sign with a greater discrepancy between signatures, resulting in an automatic detection of variations. The verification results are clear and fast as the verification is performed in a transparent manner. The server compares the signature to the updated personal profile in the database and enables or rejects the entry within less than a second.

This new and improved version optimally offers a balance between customer acceptance and security thanks to a versatile threshold factor, enabling a varying authentication process for different environments. Therefore bringing the correct fraud detection rates to a maximum while bringing the false positive (detecting a fraud mistakenly) and false negative (missing a fraud when there is one) to a minimum.

A constant profile enriching based on a dynamic mechanism recognizes the fluctuation rate in each of the signature parameters in real time, thus nourishing the authentication engine with added parameters and enhancing the profile every time a signature is profiled.

Further improvements of this new version include a seamless integration thanks to an extensive API that allows biometric authentications and enrollment of profiles to be an integrated part of any legacy application. In addition to an easy to use Interface featuring an intuitive graphical user interface for enrolling, making it very user friendly.

The possibility of a detailed protocol of each signature relevant action makes it a total solution, thus documents are only processed if their signers were authenticated and companies can prove who signed which document and when it was signed.

This solution can be used in various business scenarios in which no signature comparison is in place or in those the comparison is still performed manually by people. In both cases the security of the business process can be increased dramatically, as an automatic comparison allows for a 100% check of all signatures with better results than a typical human being can ever achieve. Thus banking transactions, signing credit card slips, approval processes and all other procedures where there is high importance to verify that the person signing is really the person he is claiming to be. The system can be implemented either as big bang or in a gradual way, where each signature captured from a person is used to sign the document and build this person’s signature profile at the same time. Once the signature profile has sufficient samples, the automatic verification begins and the company increases it’s process security continuously.

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