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Provided by Billentis – Market development in 2010 was very dynamic, although I was somewhat over-optimistic in the case of Italy and Spain. I assumed that the Italian legislation (making electronic invoices compulsory for the public sector) would be ratified immediately. In Spain, while the suppliers’ obligations to the public sector are in place, […]

Jason M. Lemkin – CEO from Echosign wrote: Most importantly, we will grow from where we are today (about 1% of all contracts signed on the web) to 50%+ (the majority) in 4-6 years. The broader market will grow 50x, and with that, the market will fundamentally change. At a product/technical level, there will be […]

The Australian Open Program has launched an iPad app that contains a digital autograph feature which enables fans to capture their favorite players’ signatures and save to a digital scrapbook. But the ability to sign on this kind of device is proving helpful for more than just autograph hounds. Companies are utilizing smartphones to digitize […]