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Why I’m returning my new iPad

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The new iPad is admirably peppy, though I never found my original iPad to be slow. My kids enjoy messing with the built-in cameras, but that’s a luxury I certainly don’t need. Using an iPad to snap photos or video is like driving a monster truck to the grocery store: uncomfortable and impractical (to say […]

With this agreement innovative solutions of document dematerialization are now available, which will ensure rapid ROI and bring significant benefits to banks, insurance companies, public bodies and other organizations with a large number of users. Milan, 26 March, 2012 – Intesi Group SpA, an Italian company operating in information and communication technology with specialization in […]

 Con l’accordo odierno, soluzioni innovative di dematerializzazione documentale che garantiscono ROI rapidissimo e vantaggi notevoli a banche, assicurazioni, P.A. e a ogni altra organizzazione con un elevato numero di utenti  Milano, 26 marzo 2012 – Intesi Group SpA, azienda italiana operante nell’Information & Communication Technology con specializzazione in prodotti e servizi di Firma Digitale e […]