Bizmatics, Inc. Leaders in EMR, PM and Medical Billing offer e-signatures to its clients

March 20th, 2012

The integration of xyzmo solutions allow clinics to collect patient signatures on various consent forms directly in EMR, thus saving time and effort and making the office truly paperless.

Partner Profile
Bizmatics is a privately owned, profitable healthcare software and services company based in Silicon Valley, California. The company was founded in 2002. Bizmatics provides clinical and business productivity suites and services to the healthcare providers market. Major components of their solution set include EMR, Billing, Scheduling, and Patient Health Records via the Patient Portal. Bizmatics solutions are used by hundreds of medical professionals across the United States and the Caribbean.

The partner was looking to create a complete solution to integrate into its EMR system, where clinics can electronically collect multiple signatures, including patient and witness for a variety of consent forms, and store them directly into the patient’s medical record. This enables a complete fully paperless environment, making their existing process more efficient by avoiding the time-consuming task of having to collect signatures on paper, scan them and attach them to the patient charts.

To accomplish these goals, Bizmatics, Inc. decided to integrate xyzmo SIGNificant Solution. Now, the system creates a consent document along with the patient name and other details as a PDF file, with special signature tags. This is presented to the patient using the Significant solution. The patient can read the document onscreen and then sign, using the signature pad. Once all signatures are collected, the document is converted into a PDF file that includes the patient signature and date-time stamp, and it is automatically attached to a patient’s medical record.


  • Signatures are collected electronically and attached to patient medical records, making the operation completely paperless.
  • Saves time and money for the clinic; no scanning, attaching, shredding required.
  • Avoids any manual errors.