xyzmo SIGNificant biometric signature solutions are now integrated with Intesi Group digital signature

March 28th, 2012

With this agreement innovative solutions of document dematerialization are now available, which will ensure rapid ROI and bring significant benefits to banks, insurance companies, public bodies and other organizations with a large number of users.

Milan, 26 March, 2012 – Intesi Group SpA, an Italian company operating in information and communication technology with specialization in digital signature products and services, and application and service management, and xyzmo SIGNificant, an Austrian company leader in e-signature platforms, have announced a technology and commercial partnership aimed to integrate xyzmo SIGNificant products with Intesi Group digital signature solutions.

In particular, Intesi Group will integrate biometric signature solutions into its PkSuite digital signature family of products, extending its range of offerings and allowing customers to achieve significant and tangible benefits with a rapid return on investment (ROI). The innovative dematerialization solutions made possible by this new partnership are ideal for organizations with large user-bases and transactions requiring a signature, such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, utilities and public bodies.

xyzmo SIGNificant solutions enable the extraction of fingerprint biometrics from signatures applied on tablets using a special algorithm, as well as measurement of various parameters (rhythm, speed, pressure, motion and acceleration), thereby ensuring its uniqueness. In case of dispute over signature authenticity, it is possible to decrypt the biometric fingerprint for analysis by an independent graphologist. With the integration of biometric signature into Intesi Group digital signature solutions, the integrity, inviolability and impossibility of subsequent changes in signed documents are now guaranteed.

In this way, the integrated solution proposed by Intesi Group and xyzmo SIGNificant becomes the perfect tool for subscription forms, permissions, contracts and other official documents, ensuring the highest levels of security, saving paper and delivering economic and environmental benefits.

“The agreement with xyzmo SIGNificant is of great importance, mainly for three reasons,” says Fernando Catullo, CEO of Intesi Group. “It is a partnership with a company that, like us, considers technological innovation not just a slogan but a daily reality. It allows us to expand our portfolio of offerings. And, above all, it allows rapid and tangible return on investment for customers.”

The validity of biometric signature is also endorsed by its massive adoption outsideItaly, especially in industries such as finance, telecommunication and public bodies.

 “Even in Italy something is changing, especially with the recent adoption of our biometric solution by a leading financial institution for a large-scale project,” says Gerald Cäsar, CEO and Managing Partner of xyzmo SIGNificant. “We believe that the new partnership with Intesi Group, a leading provider of digital signature, security and document dematerialization in Italy, could accelerate the diffusion of biometric signature and strengthen our presence in one of the most important European economies.”

Intesi Group

Intesi Group SpA is an Italian company operating in information and communication technology with a specialization in products and services relating to digital signature and application and service management. A wholly self-funded private company since 1998 when it was established, Intesi Group is in constant and rapid growth, with 2011 revenues of EUR 8.4 million and more than 100 highly qualified professionals constantly driven to innovation.

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xyzmo Software GmbH

xyzmo Software GmbH is a private company based in Ansfelden (Austria), with offices in the US andRomania. Over the last 10 years xyzmo has developed in-depth expertise in digital signature technologies and is a recognized leader in providing digital and electronic signature solutions. xyzmo’s digital signature platform allows contracts, agreements, NDAs, forms, or any document that requires a signature, to be signed electronically on signature pads, payment terminals, iPads and Android devices with digital certificates or online, via ‘click-to-sign’.

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