Why I’m returning my new iPad

March 31st, 2012

The new iPad is admirably peppy, though I never found my original iPad to be slow. My kids enjoy messing with the built-in cameras, but that’s a luxury I certainly don’t need. Using an iPad to snap photos or video is like driving a monster truck to the grocery store: uncomfortable and impractical (to say nothing of showy). The only thing that I’ll actually miss is big-screen FaceTime — but for those moments I can always Skype on my laptop.

The new iPad is a little slimmer, a little faster, and little easier on the eyes than the original. Not enough, Apple.

So here’s the upshot: for one-third of what I paid for the new iPad, I can accomplish 95 percent of what I want to do with a Kindle, and with a smaller design I find more appealing. Different strokes for different folks, of course, but for me this is a no brainer: I’m returning the new iPad and jumping into the Fire.

By Rick Broida, CNET

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