What to Expect From xyzmo’s SIGNificant Server 4.0

April 1st, 2012

xyzmo’s SIGNificant Server allows you to electronically sign documents such as contracts or agreements with your handwritten signature captured by a signature pad, a mobile tablet, a smartphone such as an iPad or Android device or even a payment terminal. It safely stores and binds the unique biometric data of the captured handwritten signature to the document and supports forensic analysis by a signature expert in case of a dispute. Sealing the document with a digital signature also protects it from unrecognized modifications. Its server-based architecture does not just enhance document security by locking the original document on the server, but also simplifies integration into server-side document workflows and centralized document management.

 Customer Benefits

  • Sign as simply as on paper
  • Socially accepted – handwritten e-signatures require no changes in customers’ habits
  • Avoid lost documents, missing attachments and signatures
  • Paperless contract execution to save front/back office costs in labor, printing, scanning, faxing, mailing of paper originals and long-term storage
  • Reduce fraud by protecting documents from modification and by optional real-time signature verification to authenticate a signer
  • Increase revenue by making more time available for up-/cross-selling and closing deals faster
  • Provides a modern image to end-customers
  • Helps to save the planet!
  • Typical ROI in 6 to 12 months

Unique Advantages

  • Robust and proven server architecture with a broad installation base and many deployments
  • Highly scalable architecture that allows you to sign hundreds of thousands of documents per hour
  • End-to-end security of the biometric data of captured signatures
  • Original document is locked in the secure server environment and never gets copied to a client
  • Fast and easy integration into any existing DMS, ERP, CRM, archiving or other legacy systems, using the extensive SIGNificant API
  • Supports different client platforms such as Windows, Java, Web Browser, iPad and Android
  • Independence from signature-capture device vendors – simply change hardware without changing the software integration

 Key Features

  • Biometrically Sign a Document – Securely embed the encrypted biometric data of a handwritten signature captured with a signature pad or tablet computer, which prevents its misuse. Allow export of this signature data for authorized forensic analysis by a signature expert using the corresponding private encryption key.
  • Digitally Sign and Seal a Document – Protect the integrity of PDF documents by sealing them with a digital signature. Supports any x509v3 certificate provided through the Windows certificate store of SIGNificant Server or through the web service interface of a client (e.g. a certificate stored in a HSM or on a local desktop PC).
  • Document Binding – SIGNificant binds the biometric signature data securely on to a document using its hash value. Copy/paste attacks can thus be easily detected.
  • Web Service Interface – The SIGNificant Server offers a platform-independent web service interface (SOAP and RST/JSON).
  • Timestamping – The digital signature can include a timestamp from any RFC 3161 conformant timestamp server (TSA).
  • Full PDF/A Conformance – The signing process is PDF/A 1a/1b conformant to enable long-term archiving.
  • Optimized for Server-Based Processing – After uploading a document to the server, the client application can work with a unique ‘document id’ to reference the uploaded file. Consecutive operations (e.g. sign, attach file, etc.) on this file work solely with this ‘document id’, avoiding unnecessary upload/download operations.
  • Optimized for Low Bandwidth – Files can be uploaded/downloaded in ‘chunks’, avoiding timeouts when transferring files over slow network connections.
  • Digital Signature Integrity Verification – The digital signatures of a document can be verified to ensure the integrity of the document.
  • Powerful String Parsing – The parsing method has the capability of searching for (and optionally removing) strings from a PDF document. This is used to obtain the signature field positions from a document.
  • Flatten PDFs – Merge all advanced PDF layout features into a fresh ‘flat’ PDF document to send to a recipient using basic PDF reader software (typically used on smartphones and iPads), which will not otherwise show signatures, annotations, etc.
  • PDF and PDF/A conversion – Convert documents into PDF or PDF/A for e-signing through built-in third-party components.

Workstep Controller (WSC)

  • Define Document Tasks -The WSC lets you define the ‘Tasks’ for a user to complete a document: sign a signature field, attach an image, etc.
  • Define Document Policy – Use policies to allow or deny document actions: allow saving or emailing, allow adding ad hoc signature fields or annotations, allow rejection of the whole document, etc.
  • Web Service Interface – Integrate the creation and processing of worksteps through a SOAP API. A workstep is the document, its tasks and a policy.
  • Visually Design Worksteps – Use the ‘Workstep Designer’ in your web browser to design worksteps with their tasks and policies, using only point and click.
  • Process Integration – Smoothly integrate with any process: start the signing process via a URL and call a custom HTTP page when a user finishes (or rejects) a workstep.

Web-Signing Interface (WSI)

Browser-based user interface to sign PDF documents with SIGNificant Server without requiring a PDF reader plugin.

  • Sign documents with your handwritten signature captured from an attached signature pad
  • Sign documents with a local certificate
  • Real-time rendering of the signature-capture process from the pad in the web browser
  • Attach a picture from your webcam or scanner to your document (e.g. for capturing ID cards)
  • Annotate PDFs with text or freehand edits
  • Open PDFs on your hard disk for signing
  • Open ‘Workstep’ documents and navigate through the signing process
  • Easily navigate through all signature fields in a document
  • Reject a signature in a customer process
  • Enforce policies from the ‘Workstep Controller’
  • Full customization of the UI by editing the source code of the underlying ASPX page
  • Print-to-Sign using the SIGNificant Server Printer to start the signing process from any application that can print. Uploads the document to the SIGNificant Server for processing and signing in the Web-Signing Interface

iPad / Android SIGNificant Apps

Native apps to sign PDF documents either with the finger or a pen/stylus – even when no Internet connection is available. No need for additional signing pads.

  • Sign documents with your handwritten signature
  • Support native pens providing pressure and high-data rates
  • Take a picture and add it to the document (e.g. for capturing ID cards)
  • Annotate PDFs with text
  • Open ‘Workstep’ docs via links from the SIGNificant Server instead of having the PDFs locally
  • Open PDFs locally for signing from any other application (e.g. from an email)
  • Browse through documents
  • Navigate through the signing process
  • Save your signed PDFs to the applications storage or Dropbox
  • Email your signed documents
  • Reject a signature in a customer process
  • Enforce policies from the ‘Workstep Controller’
  • Powerful SDK for full UI customization and seamless integration into custom apps
  • Offline document caching to sign documents without needing an Internet connection

Other Signing Clients

  • Custom Application / SDK – Seamless integration into custom client applications through the SIGNificant Device SDK.
  • Windows Mobile 6.x – Sign receipts directly using the pen on a Windows mobile phone.
  • Cash Register – Sign credit card/debit slips directly with a signature pad connected to your cash machine.
  • Click2Sign – Digitally sign documents with a one-time-password that you get e.g. via SMS or email.