JaJa Stylus – Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus

August 6th, 2012

Until now there has been no way for a stylus to communicate with the iPad without using a wire or a proprietary protocol – protocols that are battery intensive or not supported by the iPad in Airplane mode (wifi or Bluetooth). HEX3 has developed a patent pending system for the JaJa Stylus that will work for more than 90 continuous hours, with all smartphones, and nearly all tablet devices. Without wires, Bluetooth or wifi, its radio free circuitry is able to be used in Airplane mode, in hospitals, education and the mining industry or whilst sketching on a plane!

JaJa Stylus can communicate the pressure required for artistic brush strokes and the flourishes of a signature. For complex forms or data entry the two buttons can quickly and effectively communicate “mouse” clicks to open menus, whilst also allowing the simple change of brushes, colors, fonts or tools, all without needing to move far from the drawing or data entry space.


Key Features:

  • 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for naturally precise pen strokes required by creative professionals.
  • Two customisable buttons can allow for swift function selection such as erase, color change, tool selection, brush or menu selection.
  • The JaJa uses high frequency sound to communicate with any tablet device with a microphone. The sounds are above human hearing and the volume is too low for pets to hear. (Patent Pending)
  • Capture digital data while sketching directly onto the screen just like a Wacom™ digitizing tablet.
  • Sign or annotate naturally and directly onto forms, plans or correspondence. Create astonishing artwork. Enhance and speed data entry. The JaJa allows you to create precisely and naturally.
  • The innovative JaJa Tip gives precise pressure control and is transparent so your work is visible.
  • The stylus will work out of the box in Rapid mode with any app on any device. JaJa mode is being integrated with the worlds premium Art, Design and Healthcare Apps to give full pressure and button feedback.