How to easily upload and send documents for e-signature – 5/5

March 30th, 2015

This series of posts will help you to understand what a remote online e-signing solution needs to provide. This is post 5/5.

With SIGNificant, xyzmo provides an enterprise e-signature platform that allows you to conveniently send documents for signature or simply sign them yourself online. SIGNificant efficiently provides you with the user interface and tools needed to define an optimal e-signature process and user experience. Whether for HTML5 (placeholder) signatures, biometric signatures, or digital signatures with personal certificates, the platform’s building blocks make it easy to choose the best combination of signing method and signer authentication, regardless of which signature device the recipient uses.

To better illustrate how xyzmo’s SIGNificant can be applied in selected industries for online signing scenarios, the following section outlines a real case study of a customer that implemented SIGNificant for online-signing with its end-to-end business process implemented.


Use case:

  • Digitally sign insurance contracts for mobile phones online in the web browser on any HTML5 device

Deployed products:

  • Signing application: SIGNificant Server with SignAnywhere

End-to-end business process:

  1. The client selects the insurance contract they want to add to their phone online on The Phone House website.
  2. The Phone House backend systems automatically create the insurance contract to be signed and send a link to the contract to be viewed and signed online to the client.
  3. The client opens the insurance contract in a browser that supports HTML5 and signs two signature fields through Type-2-Sign or Draw-2-Sign.
  4. The signed document and the audit trail are safely stored in The Phone House’s archiving system.
  5. The client is informed about the results of the transaction online and can access a copy of the signed insurance contract directly in their web browser session.