• Firmly establish a holistic perspective in your company. Support digital innovation projects and learn lessons from other sectors that have already undergone a digital transformation.
  • New technologies are the driving forces behind business models, services and distribution channels. Standard products and services should be digitalized if this creates added value for customers or enables internal processes to be optimized.
  • The objectives and measures associated with digital transformation should be closely coordinated with the business strategy.
  • The focus is on customers as individuals. Accordingly, they should each feel as if they are perceived as individuals. When it comes to communication with customers, place importance on the options offered by the use of technology and always meet the customer on his or her desired channel.
  • Promote collaboration and an exchange of expertise between your IT and marketing departments. Do not prioritize one of these departments over the other; instead, promote their collaboration. Make it possible for both to be business enablers. Also ensure that no shadow IT department is created within marketing.
  • Invest strategically in the development of your digital touchpoints to meet and exceed the needs of Generation Y and your existing customers. This will help you to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Digital Signature Validation Cheat Sheet - Adobe

DTU-1031xDTU-1031X is a light version of the DTU-1031 for customers who have lower requirements with regards to the display quality and usability of a 10 inch signature Display. It is a solution for customers who only require an eSignature display with a minimal footprint to view full size documents and sign them digitally. In case the display quality needs to be higher and advertising on the displays is a key argument the existing DTU-1031 will be the best fit. Please find a comparison with the DTU-1031 below:

DTU-1031 DTU-1031X
Panel Type 10,1″ LCD, IPS-TFT 10,1″ LCD, TN-TFT
Active Area 216,96 x 135,60 mm 222,72 x 125,28 mm
Resolution 1280 x 800 1024 x 600
Screen Ratio 16:10 16:9
Express Keys 4 No
Display Driver Display Link Magic Control Technology
Side Switch (pen) Yes No
Encryption AES256, RSA 2048 AES256, RSA 2048
Anti-Glare Yes No
Integrated Stand 2 positions, 15 & 20 degrees 1 position, 18 degrees
Housing Colour Dark Grey Black
Weight 990 grams 1000 grams


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