Unfortunately, some PDF-viewers, for example, for the iPad (including the default reader that comes with the iPad), do not yet fully support PDF standard annotations and digital signatures. Such applications often simply ignore the annotation “layer” of standard PDF documents. In order to be able to view PDF annotations and digital signatures in such applications, these elements must be “flattened” into the normal content layer. There are some solutions that “ignore” this issue and actually modify the normal content layer “hard-code”. They simply embed a graphical representation of annotations and signatures into the normal content layer. While this approach has a certain advantage (no problem with those PDF viewers), the main disadvantage of it is that it alters the original PDF content in an irreversible manner. You won’t be able to delete or modify this imitation of an annotation later and you will lose all the biometrical information in the signature. All that remains is a graphical representation. This is not how we prefer to treat your PDF documents. Our signatures and annotations comply with ISO PDF Specification, meaning that annotations can be removed or modified later by PDF processing programs, and all signatures contain all the biometeric informations. Having said that, in some of our apps, we still provide you with the possibility of flattening the PDFs, if you wish.

Getting use to a good stylus can help minimize the urge to grab paper and pen when you have an idea to jot down or want to capture a signature.

Stylus Pen Reviews:

Collected by 

  1. Pogo Stylus and Pogo Sketch
  2. Brvsh Stylus
  3. Stylus-R-Us (Several Models)
  4. Stylus Socks Pro
  5. Nomad Brush (Original mil series)
  6. DAGi P501 and P503
  7. oStylus
  8. Wacom Bamboo Stylus solo
  9. XStylus Touch Transforming Stylus
  10. GoSmart Stylus Series 200 and 300
  11. Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket
  12. TruGlide from LYNKtec
  13. Nomad FLeX Paintbrush Stylus
  14. Su-Pen Stylus from MetaMoJi
  15. Sensu Brush & Stylus in One
  16. TruGlide Pro Precision & Artist Paintbrush Tip
  17. Nomad Mini 2 Dual-Tip Brush/Nib Stylus

Electronic Stylus Pens:

Our framework allows businesses to choose the ideal e-signature solution for any type of process or channel. Some businesses might consider our purely desktop-based approach, but for most use cases the server-based approach is preferred as it provides the following advantages:

  •  The integration to existing systems is purely server-side, which is the natural choice for a server-based back-end architecture
  •  The PDF document is only stored in the data-center and not automatically distributed to the clients
  •  Only one back-end integration for different e-signing methods and deployment options:
    • Biometric handwritten signatures that a graphologist can authenticate like on paper
      • Web browser and signature pads: A Java Applet automatically detects the signature capturing device. The client only needs to run a compatible Web browser like IE, Chrome or Firefox.
      • Pen displays: Simultaneous activities from the customer and the operator on their respective screens will not interfere with each other. Slideshows and videos can be centrally managed.
      • iOS and Android: Native apps deeply integrated with the platform support pressure-sensitive pens and a natural signing experience. Smart document syncing enables full offline usage. Optional front-end SDKs enable a seamless integration into existing iOS/Android UIs.
      • Rich Clients: Java and .NET SDKs allow a seamless integration into existing rich client UIs, enabling full control over the user experience.
      • Virtualized/thin clients: Accurately capture handwritten signatures even on clients connected through Citrix or RDP – avoid packet loss resulting from the latency of production networks.
    • PKI-based signatures based on digital certificates – Either sign in a Web browser or integrated in a rich client through SDKs.
    • Draw-, Type- or Click-2-Sign signature based on a 2nd factor authentication and audit trails – Sign using a HTML5 UI on any web-enabled device without the need to download anything.
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