2 Years at the Speed of Light

December 5th, 2017

Antonio TaurisanoBy Antonio Taurisano, General Manager, Digital Transaction Management @ Namirial Group

When I joined Namirial two years ago (see press release), I found a Software and Service company and a Certification authority which was mainly focused to the Italian market.

Now, after only two years, Namirial is a well respected global leader in Digital Transaction Management (#DTM), with offices and customers in several countries; it is a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to EU regulation 910/2014 and is currently engaged with several multinational companies in some of the largest global Digital Trasformation projects in Europe, Asia and America with roll-outs in more than 40 countries.

This leadership position is also recognized by leading market analysts such as Aragon Research, who also appointed Namirial a hot vendor in 2017, Forrester Research in both their “Vendor Landscape: E-Signature, Q4 2016” and “The State Of E-Signature Implementation” reports and research firms such us Wiseguyreports.Com and CEB.

The question here is not simply “how was this achieved?”, it is “how was this achieved in just two years?”.

Let’s start the first question. How did we achieve it? I believe this was the results of 6 steps.

Step 1: We acquired a company, Xyzmo (now Namirial Gmbh, see here the press release) who brought to Namirial a global network of partners, a #DTM technology that is now the core of Namirial eSignAnyWhere platform and a top class team located in Austria and Romania.

Step 2: We developed our own view of #DigitalTransactionManagement (please read my articles Enabling Digital Transformation and One Size fits all, one size fits one or one size fits none?) and built a single, holistic platform to support all use cases, all types of electronic signature, all user experiences and all deployment options, what we call “The four pillars #DTM“. All within one single platform with the same APIs and the same user experience.

Step 3: We upgraded Namirial Certification Authority to become a EU Qualified Trust Service Provider (#QTSP) and obtained certifications such as ISO 27001eIDAS for Qualified Certificates, Qualified Seals and Qualified Time Stamps, Digital Preservationand electronic Identification Trust Services according to Italian e-ID scheme SPID. More are coming as we are entering additional countries.

Step 4: We integrated our eIDAS compliant Trust Services within the #DTM platform and quickly become, thanks to our partner network, the #QTSP with the largest European reach and with projects in all European Countries.

Step 5: We opened an office in USA and a subsidiary in Brazil to expand our reach outside Europe and won several projects in Americas and Asia (such us a recent project in 11 Asian countries).

Step 6: We developed the concept of #LiveDTM and, supported by technology of our partner Inventia, announced LiveID & eSignAnyWhere, a platform which allows customer engagement and contract execution using all types of electronic signatures, with a simple, intuitive and operator assisted user experience in all channels. A unique platform currently used in multiple countries

At that point with the right products, the right prices, the right distribution channels and the right marketing communications we reached our current position. Yes, it is the 60 years old McCarthy 4 P’s marketing framework. Can you believe it?

And how could we do that in just two years? The answer in very simple. People. We hired the right people in leadership positions, found great teams in the company we acquired, developed the existing teams to make them play in the world league and, finally, could rely on the ability of the two company owners to quickly grasp a vision and take a decision so that we can make it rapidly happen.

Stay tuned. More will happen over the next two months; we are now ready to jump into hyperspace.

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