Distinct Differences Between Tablet vs. Smartphone Usage

November 23rd, 2013

You probably do not need anyone to tell you that smartphones and tablets are two very different devices…duh! But what is turning out to be a bit surprising is the breakdown of the differences in usage time and location between the two. The analysis provided in this article offers some interestingly complex characteristics of not only how the devices are used, but also about who the users themselves are.

The similarities between tablets and smartphones might cause the average person to think they are really not that different. But closer inspection reveals how different they truly are which is critical information for anyone on the money side of manufacturing the devices and the apps that run them. In order for app developers to know what consumers are looking for the most, they have to know how each device is being utilized in order to offer relative apps that can be appreciated.

For example, tablet use inside the home is primarily done either in the living room or other common areas and the bedroom. Outside the house, tablets are mostly used in airports, hotels, and coffee shops. Tablets are shared with other people much more often than smartphones are. Smartphones are considered an extension of the users themselves and most people are rather possessive of them – even with friends and family. On the other hand, tablets are more likely to have multiple users either in the home or out.

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