Going Mobile with E-Signatures

June 9th, 2014

xyzmo_ipad_1200_627_transparentBy incorporating mobile electronic signatures into the age-old process of signing documents, companies can save front- and back-office costs in labor, printing, scanning, faxing, mailing of paper originals, and long-term storage. You can now e-mail the document for immediate receipt by the client, partner, coworker, or employee. They can instantly sign it electronically with a tablet or smartphone no matter where they are, just as they are used to doing with their handwritten signature. Field agents can also get documents signed in person, in real time, by presenting a document to a client on a tablet.

With mobile e- signatures, it’s possible to conduct business faster than ever before from anywhere. Going mobile is arguably the fastest and most efficient way to get a signature because documents are available anytime, anywhere. Businesses achieve a very favorable ROI using e-signatures in their day-to-day operation.

Pure cloud-based solutions can put you in trouble. Often a client will be ready to sign and either the system will be down or there are Internet issues. This requires you to either go back to get the paperwork done or email it to the client later, and can result in not getting a contract signed at all. This is not the case with SIGNificant. Once a document is available in the App you NO longer need an Internet connection and can use all the functionality offline. You can even load multiple documents into the App. They are stored on the device and you can switch between documents offline and finish them on-the-go. When you are done with capturing signatures you will need an Internet connection again to return the document or send it to any app that supports PDFs, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box(.net), etc.

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