November 8th, 2017

White paper from Ken Moyle, the former CLO at DocuSign and one of the preeminent legal minds on e-signature:

To date, worldwide eSignature adoption has been driven by SaaS providers offering rapid deployment, measurable ROI and high customer satisfaction. However, SaaS implementations have in some ways become victims of their own success, leaving large gaps in their market due to their focus on remote transactions and hardware-agnostic, cloud-only delivery of eSignature services.

It is becoming clear that a combination of pen technology and SaaS signing may be the key to a complete electronic signature solution. Advances in pen technology have resulted in electronic records that capture biometric artifacts as well as transaction data, creating opportunities to fill usability and compliance gaps that online signing alone has been unable to address.

Elimination of handwriting need not be the goal of digital transformation, nor should the appropriate use of on-pre-mise tools be viewed as an admission that the SaaS model is somehow flawed. Physical handwriting continues to enjoy both ease of use for signers and perceived legitimacy by relying parties. Pen technology offers a natural and less complicated means of interacting at the point of sale, while capturing data that can be used effectively in a cloud-based deployment.

Cloud vendors and eSignature users should be open to the idea that even cloud-first applications will need to occa-sionally “touch ground” in order to provide a complete solution.

Download the white paper from K6Partners here: https://cursive.cloud

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