Using the Apple Pencil

November 22nd, 2015


The technology

Pressure and positioning sensors built into the Apple Pencil let it detect a range of forces, enabling pressure sensitive writing and drawing. When used with the iPad Pro, the tablet scans the signal coming from the device more than 240 times per second, resulting in the low latency levels seen in the video.

Tilt sensors in the tip of the Apple Pencil determine the orientation and the angle of the hand holding it, so it’s possible to do things like shading by using the side of the tip. Apple has designed the Apple Pencil to work alongside a finger, so it can be used simultaneously with touch gestures. It also has palm rejection technology, so you can rest your hand on the iPad Pro screen when drawing or writing. There’s a Lightning connector at the bottom of the Apple Pencil that’s used for charging. It has a 12 hour battery life but can also charge enough for a half hour of use in 15 seconds, so it will never be non-functional in a pinch.

The Apple Pencil for signature capturing

A signature captured with SIGNificant and the Apple Pencil is much more than just an electronic image of a digitized signature. Significant records the handwritten signature of a person using all available parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be reproduced by a forger. Thus the digitized signature is forensically identifiable.

The Apple Pencil is more than just a drawing utensil

  • You can open apps and scroll and do all general purpose navigation on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.
  • Flicking the stylus as you would your finger invokes momentum scrolling in exactly the same way.
  • Long presses are also acceptable, meaning you can use the Pencil to delete apps or open a link in a new tab.
  • The Apple Pencil works as you’d expect with iOS 9’s virtual keyboard on iPad Pro.
  • The Pencil can also be used to drag down on the home screen to bring up Spotlight search. And you can scroll to the left to access search and Siri Suggestions.
  • You can trace trough a piece of paper. Palm rejection works with paper atop the iPad Pro as well.
  • Though you may instinctively turn the Pencil around in an attempt to erase, it won’t work. Apps instead must include an eraser option in software. You can use the Pencil to select that, and then erase accordingly.


The Fujitsu Forum 2015 opened its doors. Several thousands of IT decision makers, managers and experts are gathering in the ICM Munich to experience two days of Human Centric Innovation in Action.

This year marks Fujitsu’s 80th anniversary and Fujitsu Forum 2015 will highlight our continued drive for innovation. Through a series of keynotes, seminars and exhibits, we will demonstrate new ways of using ICT – including the Internet of Things, Big Data, mobile and other digital technologies – to benefit business and society.

» Just sign on the tablet 2015-11-04 14-35-22

Luxembourg is well known for its financial sector. Many banks, insurance companies and financial institutions have offices in this small country. Every day, thousands of contracts, cash documents, invoices, etc., are signed in these institutions’ branch offices across the country. Despite the fact that most of the processes are now digitalized, handwritten signatures are still commonplace. In other words, documents must first be printed, signed and then scanned for the electronic document management system. This inefficient process leads to wasted time, money and paper.

page_7_sign-it-thumb-1In 2012, BGL BNP Paribas, one of the leading retail banks in Luxembourg, launched an RFP to digitalize this manual signature process. Working in collaboration with XYZMO (a technology partner), Fujitsu Luxembourg proposed an innovative signature solution that allows for the electronic signature of documents on a tablet. Signatures are then directly sent to the business for validation. So far, the bank has deployed about 200 points of signature around 50 branches in the country. During the first year, about half a million documents were signed, leading to massive economies of scale.

This electronic signature solution not only captures the image of the signature to integrate it in a PDF, but it can also embed all the biometric parameters that compose the signature – for example, the stylus travel speed, the rhythm, pressure and the angle. All these parameters together form the signatory’s biometric signature fingerprint. This can be verified by comparing it to the biometric parameters registered during the signatory’s enrolment. This technology enables the solution to identify the signatory with great precision, preventing any attempt of fraud.

“We collect the data that make a signature unique and integrate that information into a PDF. The solution can also be used while mobile,” said Portfolio Manager Application Services, Cédric Jadoul.

page_7_sign-it-thumb-2The solution is the result of a successful collaboration with XYZMO, which provides the server and the technology to collect biometric parameters for each signature. Fujitsu Luxembourg is responsible for the hardware and the solution integration into the customer’s IT and process landscape. “The beauty is that it helps us to enter into the customer’s business processes, giving us the capability to extend our fields of service, such as business process management and archiving. This solution is also a very good showcase because the result is visible to everybody,” explained Cédric. Meanwhile, other banks have also decided to join the bandwagon. “We have just deployed in production the biggest retail bank in Luxembourg with more than 500 points of signature,” said Cédric.

The solution has also been implemented at a telco. The customer expects to save more than two tons of paper a year. Insurance companies are planned to come next in the development process.

“In the context of process digitalization we think this solution has enormous potential for every customer in the world. That’s why we are currently working with different countries to propose this solution outside of Luxembourg,” said Cédric.

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