When someone claims “I didn’t sign that,” a forensic expert can perform a deep manual signature verification any time afterwards, using the SIGNificant PenAnalyst software just as they would with a signature on paper.

How it Works

  • SIGNificant records the handwritten signature of a person by parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed, and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be easily reproduced by a forger. A forged signature is usually created by either tracing an existing signature or simply trying to re-create the signature by memory.
  • Either way, a forged signature can be characterized as either “accurate and slow or fast but inaccurate”
  • SIGNificant is able to record the time that it takes someone to write their signature, which means that a side-by-side comparison of a legitimate signature and a forgery will be quick and simple, because typically the signature will either appear visually correct but the time-stamp slower or the time stamp will be correct but the signature will be visually inaccurate.
  • Of course, the speed at which someone generates a signature is not the only characteristic considered when analyzing possible forgeries. Some other items include the size, connecting strokes, and proportions of the original signature
  • All of these parameters are recorded by SIGNificant and are retrievable for a forensic examiner using a tool called PenAnalyst which is provided if the need arises.

sub1The society demographics, and therefore the workforce, are changing rapidly as an increasing percentage approach retirement age and we see the millennium generation entering the workforce. Workers are increasingly tech savvy — using their own technology to carry out their work and expecting a consumer-like experience in their workplace. These trends are all working to create the ‘business consumer’ — an employee for whom business activities are part of an overall digital lifestyle.

Given a choice, business consumers (a natural outgrowth of the consumerisation trend) often make more consumer-like selections in their approach to workplace computing tools and styles — to increase personal and group efficiency, as well as to balance work demands with their personal lives.

Gartner analysts have said that these consumerisation trends require a strategic response from business and IT leaders – they call this response ‘the digital workplace’. The digital workplace is an ongoing, deliberate approach to delivering a more consumer-like computing environment that is better able to facilitate innovative and flexible working practices. It is vital that organisations analyse the business benefits of consumerisation and act upon this analysis to drive employee engagement, effectiveness and agility. Businesses that lack a digital workplace strategy will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage: their employees and stakeholders will be less engaged, and they are unlikely to be meeting the needs of modern customers. Ultimately, this will affect the bottom line. Moreover, the IT organisation within a business will become increasingly marginalised, instead of being seen as an enabler of progress and advancement within a company.

Gartner estimates that, by 2018, most organisations will be forced to implement a digital workplace to respond to workplace trends, while most new organisations will employ digital workplace concepts from the outset.

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Lange Zeit galt: Android hat zwar beim Absatz die Nase weit vorne, aber Apple regiert im mobilen Internet. Aktuelle Zahlen von NetMarketShare zufolge ist diese Regel seit Juli 2014 Vergangenheit. Weltweit ließ sich demnach im vergangenen Monat 44,6 Prozent des mobilen Traffics auf Android-Geräte zurückführen, Apple fiel mit 44,2 Prozent erstmals hinter das Google-Betriebssystem zurück. Eine große Überraschung ist diese Entwicklung letztlich nicht, hat doch der Android-Anteil am Smartphonemarkt mittlerweile fast 85 Prozent erreicht.
Infografik: Mobile Web: Android zieht an Apple vorbei  | Statista

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