If only they went digital…

February 28th, 2008

“A 20-year-old former Kmart cashier armed with an $8 rubber stamp, a laptop computer and an old payroll check nearly defrauded the Troy-based retailer out of tens of millions of dollars in a brazen stock swindle.”  According to The Detroit News this fradulent youth was about to get away with highway robbery with just a rubber stamp and a check.  “To create the phony resolutions, Portero went to a Web site, Socrates.com, and downloaded a sample certificate of corporate resolution, the FBI said. He had an $8 rubber stamp designed to mimic Kmart’s official seal.”

xyzmo’s digital signature technology reduces fraud and offers a safe, secure way to stamp and sign documents. xyzmo’s digital signature solutions protect the integrity of documents as well as the ability to identify the person involved in signing, receiving or accessing the documents.

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Welcome to the first installment of a four part series which explores the industries xyzmo has developed unique solutions for. xyzmo’s solutions for the finance industry decrease fraud-related activities and reduce the costs associated with filing and retrieval. xyzmo offers superior digital signature technology for the following: The opening of bank accounts Signing for safe deposit boxes Account maintenance for private banking Mortgage renewal for loan origination Order processing Broker/dealer trade settlements.

A Few Fun Facts…

January 28th, 2008

It’s been brought to our attention that readers like to read lists on blog postings… so here’s our attempt at a useful gathering of digital signature tidbits.

  1. The term for an original signature written with a pen is a ‘wet signature’.
  2. Most digital signature solutions include a PKI or public key infrastructure which can be expensive to maintain. xyzmo’s solution does not.
  3. Authenitication and Integrity are the two common reasons for customers to choose digital signatures for their electronic documents.
  4. The American Bar Association has compiled a useful guidelines tutorial pertaining to the legality of digital signatures.
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