Namirial has made great strides in positioning itself as an international leader in the DTM market and a technology provider to consider for enterprises who want to simplify how they do business digitally. Forrester recently published a report, “Vendor Landscape, E-Signature Q4, 2016”, by Craig LeClair, where they described Namirial as a leader in Europe and one of the up and coming players internationally. This was the first Forrester report where Namirial/Xyzmo was included as one of the top vendors and represents a significant step forward for Namirial. The Forrester report is, however, merely a vendor profile update and did not endeavor to provide any relative ranking of the players.

Aragon Research published a subsequent report that took the Forrester analysis one step further providing a deeper perspective and ranking of the market leading vendors. In that report, “The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management: 2016” by Jim Lundy, Namirial was ranked in the leader quadrant and one of only three leading vendors with global presence. It positioned Namirial ahead of all of the well known brands and only slightly behind Adobe and Docusign, neither of which provide full biometric signature capability. Biometrics are a must have capability for many European and International customers but not significant for the U.S. market where Adobe and Docusign have the majority of their business. If this comparison were done solely on the strength of European requirements then Namirial would have been ranked as the #1 vendor.

It is clear, based on these recent research reports, that Namirial is the main vendor to consider when biometrics are an important decision factor and a short-list vendor to consider for any project whose objective is to transform paper processes to digital processes.

Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur,

Fujitsu a le plaisir de vous inviter à un évènement dédié au nouveau Règlement européen eIDAS et aux opportunités de transformation digitale qui en découlent. Cet évènement se tiendra le mardi 8 novembre 2016, à 11h00 à l’établissement Namur.

Agenda :

  • 11h00 Accueil
  • 11h15 Mot de bienvenue
    Marc Payal, Managing Director Fujitsu Luxembourg
  • 11h20 Règlement eIDAS:
    Présentation du nouveau règlement et de ses effets juridiques
    Renaud Le Squeren, Avocat à la Cour, DSM
  • 11h40 Règlement eIDAS & signature électronique
    Cédric Jadoul, Head of Digital Strategy, Fujitsu Luxembourg
  • 12h00 The role of a QTSP in Europe
    Klaus Fellner, VP Sales & Alliances, Namirial
  • 12h20 Règlement eIDAS: la clé pour de nouvelles opérations digitales
    Xavier Lisoir, Directeur, PWC Luxembourg
  • 12h40 Démo: Entrée en relation à distance
    Steve Heggen, Application Service Portfolio Manager, Fujitsu Luxembourg
  • 13h00 Séance de questions / réponses
  • 13h10 Buffet & networking

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Adresse :
Etablissement Namur
Rue de Bitbourg 2
L-1273 Luxembourg-Hamm

En espérant que vous pourrez réserver votre agenda pour cet événement, recevez, Madame, Monsieur, nos sincères salutations.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir le 8 novembre !


The eSignAnyWhere component of the SIGNificant platform allows you to involve participants in transactions whenever needed—even when they are remote. Using its workflow engine, it even provides transaction security over multiple use cases and client applications. Thus, it ensures that transaction initiators cannot access documents that are not yet signed by all defined transaction participants – even if this involves participants at the POS in a branch office, in a door-to-door meeting that is executed offline, or participants that sign documents on their own device remotely.

The highlights are shown below:

DTM Highlights
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