Digital Transformation is one of today top three initiatives of CxOs in any industry. Their priority is on leveraging the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society to implement a profound and accelerating transformation of business processes. 

Digital transformation is not just technology alone; however, technology adoption is often the direct cause of transformation, or at least an enabler.
A simple way to start a Digital Transformation journey goes through the digitalization of business transactions, which, with all the paperwork and signatures required by processes have been the last mile till now. 

The capability of conducting fully digital transactions, which includes legally compliant electronic signatures, managing and tracking the flow of documents, conducting secure transactions and guaranteeing secure storage of data, is the real enabler of digital transformation.

We have recently seen the raise of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) as a fast growing product category that promises to help companies being green and smart by going paperless. Embracing DTM is allowing companies in any industry to accelerate revenue by shortening the transaction life cycle, driving efficiency by eliminating all the paper printing, delivery and management costs and promote their corporate and social responsibility by reducing their carbon footprint.

DTM is often seen as the one-size-fits-all solution to the digitalization of business transaction. I believe, however, that DTM should provide different models, sizes and colors to fit the customer use case and context, the country specific regulations (including the type of electronic signature, privacy and the long term archiving requirements), the delivery model (on-premises, cloud, hybrid) and the user experience.

This is how we see Digital Transaction Management in Namirial and how we build solution four our customers to allow them signing anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Antonio Taurisano

Helping companies go fully digital

SENIGALLIA, Italy, January 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Namirial recognized as a Leader in new analyst reports

The Namirial Group continues its ascent in the world market of Digital Transaction Management (DTM). The group, led by Claudio Gabellini and Enrico Giacomelli, and headquartered in Italy, has been ranked as a leader in Europe in the Forrester report: “Vendor Landscape: E-Signature, Q4 2016”.

Forrester’s rating has been further corroborated by Aragon Research in their recent report: “The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management 2016”. The US company, which analyzes innovation, quality and effectiveness of technological services for businesses globally, ranked Namirial as a leader firms in the global DTM market.

“Namirial is definitely a vendor to watch,” said Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research. “Recent acquisitions of SIGNificant Software and XYZmo software immediately position Namirial as one of the largest European DTM Providers. eSignanyhere, Namirial’s omnichannel DTM solution, is a new combined offering for the digital signature market. It supports multiple signature formats with biometric features across all channels (physical and digital) and devices (i.e. PCs, tablets, smartphones, kiosks).”

In the Aragon Report, Namirial was ranked in the leader quadrant and also was highlighted as one of the vendors with global presence. Biometrics are a must have capability for many European and International customers but not yet significant for the U.S. market where Adobe and Docusign have the majority of their business.

It is clear, based on these recent research reports, that Namirial is the main vendor to consider when legally binding signatures are an important decision factor and a short-list vendor to consider for any project whose objective is to transform paper processes to digital processes.

“We are pleased and honored to be recognized by Aragon as a leader in DTM,” said Namirial CEO, Luigi Enrico Tomasini. “We’ve focused on helping enterprises simplify how business gets done by transforming slow, complex, costly, manual, paper based processes into frictionless, adaptable digital processes.” Tomasini continued: “If this comparison were done solely on the strength of European requirements then we feel Namirial would have been ranked as the #1 vendor.”

“Our capabilities, flexibility and go to market model will make us the new vendor any enterprise should consider for their digital transformation projects or, as the enterprise replacement for their current e-sign pilot,” noted Paul Giordano, Country Manager NORAM in charge of relationship with analysts.

About Aragon Research

Aragon Research does not endorse vendors, or their products or services that are referenced in its research publications, and does not advise users to select those vendors that are rated the highest. Aragon Research publications consist of the opinions of Aragon Research and Advisory Services organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Aragon Research provides its research publications and the information contained in them “AS IS,” without warranty of any kind.

About Namirial

Namirial is a Software and Service Company and a Trust Service Provider, which offers Trust Services like e-signature, time stamping, registered e-mail, e-invoicing and digital archiving to more than 1.000.000 customers. Namirial has installed more than 400.000 seats of its handwritten biometric signature SW and process several millions of transactions every day.


Le 8 novembre dernier, Fujitsu et certains partenaires ont invité une cinquantaine de clients à un évènement autour du nouveau règlement européen eIDAS. Interview avec Cédric Jadoul, Head of Digital Strategy.

Qu’est-ce que le règlement eIDAS?

eIDAS (pour Electronic IDentification And trust Service) est le nom du nouveau règlement européen sur l’identification électronique et les services de confiance visant à créer un marché unique des échanges numériques.

Qu’apporte le règlement en termes d’opportunités?

Le nouveau règlement couvre différents aspects liés aux transactions électroniques comme par exemple l’identification électronique, la signature électronique, l’horodatage, etc. Dans le cadre de la signature électronique notamment, le règlement eIDAS introduit la possibilité de créer à distance une signature avancée ou qualifiée en définissant des règles communes pour tous les Etats membres de l’UE. L’avantage est qu’une signature électronique apposée dans un pays de l’union est dorénavant valable dans les autres pays de l’union. Cet alignement règlementaire couplé aux facilités apportées par la signature à distance ouvre la porte à de nouvelles opportunités de digitalisation des processus.

Quelle est l’offre de Fujitsu?

La solution de signature électronique multicanal offre une grande flexibilité aux entreprises souhaitant digitaliser l’ensemble de leurs processus, qu’ils soient réalisés en mobilité, à distance ou en face à face, tout en collectant les meilleures garanties de nonrépudiation suivant le contexte.

De surcroît, l’intégration stratégique de cette solution avec des émetteurs de certificats qualifiés Européens nous permet aujourd’hui de proposer une solution en ligne avec les opportunités offertes par ce nouveau règlement.

Dans une volonté de digitalisation, nous intégrons toujours nos solutions dans une réflexion globale de parcours utilisateurs. C’est pourquoi, en complément à l’offre de signature à distance, nous proposons aujourd’hui des outils comme l’identification vidéo. Cet outil permet à tout le monde de devenir client sans se déplacer, en prenant contact avec un opérateur bancaire à distance.

Grâce à la signature à distance, la banque peut obtenir le consentement contractuel d’un client sans l’obliger à se déplacer en agence ou à renvoyer des copies signées d’éventuels contrats. L’expérience client en est améliorée et le processus de la banque écourté.



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