With the Surface and iPad tablets having both similarities and differences, it is probably no surprise that neither one is significantly more a “winner” than the other is. In some ways that makes it a bit easier because you are able to place more weight with the company you prefer and let loyalty make the choice for you. Just like other technical decisions you have to make, when choosing between a Surface Tablet or an iPad, you have to know what both can offer you and what you really need.

But having no clear “winner” means that both tablets fail in some significant areas. Even Windows lovers have to admit that it is most inconvenient for a Surface RT to weigh more than an iPad and has two hours less of battery work time. Microsoft’s new tablets do have quite a few areas they excel in including printing tasks, multiple user availability, and lower price points among other things. But the positives offered with the Surface tablets do not make them overwhelmingly superior to Apple’s iPad.

To learn some more detailed information about how the Surface and iPad compare with each other, go to http://www.geekwire.com/2013/microsoft-stacks-surface-ipad-mixed-results/?utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=buffere1d4c.

Advancements in technology are absolutely wonderful, but they do not come without some negative fallout – especially when it comes to “the old days” versus the modern generations. This article details a disturbing consequence that is showing up more and more as children are being educated in such a technologically advanced era. In particular, letter-writing skills or lack thereof is addressed.

Gather any group of people say 20 years of age or less, and hand them a blank piece of paper, a pen, an unaddressed envelope, and a stamp. Challenge them to write a letter, prepare it for mailing, and meet you at the mailbox. You may just be shocked at the letters they assemble when they are asked to do so using those “old school” methods. Anyone in the education field probably won’t be too surprised to see that many of the young people cannot write a letter in appropriate written format following grammar and style rules. But what might be even more surprising to the average person is that not only do the kids struggle to write a proper letter, they also do not know how to properly address, stamp, and mail a letter either.

Yes – technology is a good thing, but it would be even better if we would take the time to also teach some of the more basic skills it sometimes displaces such as writing and sending “snail mail”, as the kids call it in comparison to email.

To experiment with the topic involving the young people in your life, read the following article and follow his example and just see if you get similar results… http://readwrite.com/2013/05/27/my-teenage-son-does-not-know-how-to-mail-a-letter#awesm=~obP7PJWreSJiqJ.

Yes, yes, yes – Windows 8 has a whole host of problems, annoyances, and frustrating issues. There is no lack of complaining when it comes to expressing opinions of such things. But perhaps it’s time to lay off the product bashing for a little while and consider the good things about Windows 8. And trust me, there are good things about it! Any company as successful as Microsoft with as many loyal followers as they have, is definitely capable of producing great things in innovative products.

While the less-than-desirable aspects of Windows 8 are definitely present, they are emphasized even more just because you are met with an unpopular change – the lack of a Start button and menu – as soon as you boot up your computer. But look beyond that initially irritating characteristic that you notice first, and maybe look beyond a few more that pop up fairly quickly with use, and consider the good things Windows 8 can offer in your daily life both at work and at home.

To rediscover the many reasons Microsoft has been so successful and continues to provide a great operating system in Windows 8, follow this link… http://www.pcworld.com/article/2035821/12-ways-windows-8-dominates-the-os-competition.html.

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