It is not every day you hear about an elementary teacher encouraging his or her students to play video games on their tablet devices at school but that is precisely what is happening in primary schools in the Netherlands. iPads have been especially well-received at a primary school in the little Dutch town known as Egmond-Binnen. A teacher in the school, Mr. Smorenberg, managed a pilot program in his classroom last year that was aimed at researching the value of educational apps in the classroom.

Most of his students were around 11 years of age at the time, and they really enjoyed playing educational games at the direction of their teacher. One such game entitled, Math Evolve, centered around shooting aliens and collecting numbers in order to engage in mathematical figuring. Mr. Smorenberg’s pilot program clearly showed the value of including educational apps as a significant part of the school day. The program was successful enough that an even larger pilot program will pick up this fall in 10 primary schools across the Netherlands. This time 1,000 students or more will participate and the program is expected to be just as successful in those schools as it was in Mr. Smorenberg’s classroom.

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One of the best things about Android is the fact that users have a high degree of customization options available in order to make their experience with an Android product to meet their needs in the best individual ways possible. Apple used to be vehemently opposed to opening up their iOS enough to create more options for customizing their products to the unique desires of each consumer. But Apple is wisely beginning to realize that some Android characteristics might improve the experience for Apple customers as well.

Apple is a little like that controlling parental figure who believes he or she always knows what’s best – even for their adult loved ones. They are bound and determined to ensure the customer experiences the least negative features in their products, but that control in and of itself is negative to a lot of people who prefer to have more decision making power in adapting devices to fit their own unique preferences.

Apple is most concerned with the novice user who might accidentally install an app that impacts the performance of the entire system. However, with the technical powers and intelligent minds thriving at Apple, it should not be too difficult to figure out how to allow consumer customization safely for any and all users.

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Even those of us who have grown up in the digital age occasionally think about how amazingly advanced technology has become just in our lifetimes. Tablets and mini-tablets with keyboards and mini-keyboards and all of the things that can be accomplished on such small devices make them almost unbelievable. Every now and then I get the urge to sit down with a mini-tablet with keyboard and perform a few tasks and then attempt to do the same tasks on a desktop computer from the dark ages. If I had plenty of time and energy to spare, it would be interesting to record the whole exercise so young ones in my life can see how privileged they are with the technology existent today.

This article takes one of those miniature devices, the iPad mini to be exact, and reviews the portable mini keyboards that are available to use with the mini iPad in order to make typing easier while you are using it. Or course there were good things about those dinosaur devices of old and one of the best things was the size of the regular keyboards. That value becomes even more apparent when attempting to use one of these teeny, tiny mini-keyboards to work with. But if you need a portable keyboard to go with your mini-iPad for working purposes, the author of this article gives a great detailed review of the three most popular ones.

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