As technology and online shopping advances more each day, the future of physical shopping malls is a bit tenuous. Shopping app software is getting quite sophisticated and makes it very easy to shop for just about anything and everything online without ever setting foot in the store. For those who do not particularly care for traditional shopping, online purchasing is a much-appreciated option.

The majority of consumers want to at least have the option of purchasing or even just viewing more information about items from brick-and-mortar stores through their internet websites. However, many consumers still like to make their purchases in person in order to see and handle the merchandise before actually buying.

Successful retailers are learning to offer both options to their customers in order to provide for their needs and desires as well as to retain their loyalty. By no means is it a given that malls will eventually become non-existent having been completely taken over by online purchasing methods. It is vital that businesses develop their online space to be just as consumer-friendly as their brick-and-mortar stores are and be able to intertwine the two characteristics in ways that best suit their customer base.

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If you have been wondering why mobile Facebook Home has gone with Android OS instead of Apple, the main reason has been recently released through an update for their iOS app. One of the most marketed features for the new Facebook Home is the Chat Heads technology. Facebook users access Chat Heads through Android OS and allows consumers to mix Facebook messages and text messages interchangeably among other things.

Google allows apps like Facebook Home to make interface changes as requested which is what enables the best of the features Home has to offer. However, Apple does not allow third-party apps to make the same changes in their operating system so it significantly reduces the special features available with Facebook Home. Chat Heads on Android does not require users to access it through Facebook, but Apple users have to use the iOS Facebook app which disallows the mixing of messages mentioned previously and does not let the Facebook chat screens to float on top of other apps you may have open at the same time.

If you are an Apple lover and addicted to social connections through Facebook at the same time, you might have to make a difficult choice or compromise between the two. Apple does not allow all of the features Home offers so it’s an individual choice as to whether you prioritize Facebook accessibility or Apple devices.

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We are living in such an advanced technological age that it should not be a great surprise to hear about significant new technology being released within a couple of years, but Fujitsu is developing an amazing technology that we enjoyed watching as science fiction in Star Trek days.

Have you ever thought you would be able to turn any piece of paper into a touchscreen for a tablet or laptop just by touching it with your fingers? Fujitsu is in the middle of developing just such a technology that is expected to be released in a commercial version sometime in 2014.

We are just getting used to touch screens on all kinds of electronic surfaces such as cell phones, tablets, ATM screens, airport kiosks, etc., but soon we will be able to copy and store pictures and text just by running a finger across or around them. Even more amazing is this technology does not require the paper to be flat. It will work on curved surfaces as well as uneven ones.

This is going to be very useful technology in so many different areas of life from education to business to finances to graphic arts and so much more. We can definitely count on it being the newest trend as soon as it hits the market. Luckily, 2014 is not that far away.

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