The Single Windows 8 Feature That Is Showing a Doomed Future for the OS

November 24th, 2013

There are quite a few things about Windows 8 that are irritating to a lot of consumers. It hasn’t exactly been the raving success expected – that’s for sure! But if you had to choose one feature that screams epic “fail!” the loudest, it would have to be the Windows apps the entire system is centered around. Microsoft completely rebuilt Windows as Windows 8 and way too much of it is significantly different from the beloved Windows 7. But the worst aspect is the in-your-face app screen that you are forced to look at every time you boot up. Instead of giving you the option as to whether you want to boot up straight to your desktop or not, your only choice with Windows 8 is to boot up to a busy screen full of app icons.

Not only are consumers vocal about not liking much of the entire Windows 8 system, the very foundation of the system – Windows apps – are rarely used by most people. This article gives the opinion of a company known as Soluto who provides troubleshooting help for Windows computers. They were able to track data to discover that most Windows 8 users do not even open one of the pushy apps once a day. Not a good sign at all seeing as 8 is centered around those very apps and dependent on them for survival.

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